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Building a Strong Content Marketing Strategy to Drive Engagement

With 62% of B2B buyers saying they make purchasing decisions based solely on digital content, how do you create a content marketing strategy that drives buyers to engage?

To address this question, we asked sales people how they know when customers are ready to have a conversation about a solution. We then asked customers about the type of content they rely on to move them along the learning path into buy territory. 

From these conversations, we identified 4 types of content needed for a successful content marketing strategy:

  1. Empathy – Knowing others share your goals and challenges is a powerful connector. Your prospects are more likely to engage with content showing how other organizations approach similar needs and problems. Customer success story videos and blogs are great examples. 
  2. Reasoning/Confirmation – Prospects look for confirmation that their problems are real and that there’s value in solving them. Customer case studies, eBooks and analyst reports on high-level trends fall into this category.
  3. Results – What gains in revenue, savings, market share and goodwill are gained when problems are solved? Solution briefs, white papers, infographics, analyst reviews and customer case studies are effective vehicles for communicating results-driven messages.
  4. How –  Clearly showing how a solution drives a resolution is an important and often the last step to motivating a buy. Demo videos, data sheets, technical community blogs, FAQs and how-to guides are effective at this stage.

Seeing the (buy) signs

When a prospect engages with content from the “how” category, that’s a clear signal it’s time to engage person-to-person.

Oftentimes, marketers work out complex equations to create a unique path for each customer. But the process is often complicated and doesn’t always drive the intended results. In the b2b world, customers call the shots.They like to define their own path to buy. A strong content marketing strategy meets customers where they are by regularly reinforcing the story line and delivering a variety of content across all categories. 

Driving engagement through PartnerOn

Telling a compelling story and meeting customers where they are is what the PartnerOn streaming content marketing service is all about. Every week, 52 weeks a year, ParterOn delivers access to the variety of content you need to engage with prospects and customers at different points in the buyer’s journey.

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Jeff Mesnik