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New Content from Arrow and IBM Cloud

As we continue navigating new work/life paradigms, developing strong routines and behaviors has become vitally important to staying on track.

It’s a struggle; but for the most part, the routine I’ve created for myself helps to keep me focused and engaged. On Monday, I wake up and start my morning with an online workout class. I spend the rest of the day planning out the week.  

This aligns with what we hear from a lot of partners, who devote Monday to pre-setting the week’s marketing programs. This frees them to spend the rest of the week responding to and engaging with employees, customers and prospects.  

To help promote this behavior, Arrow and IBM Cloud have partnered with ContentMX to provide partners with 52 weeks of streaming marketing content. The system sends alerts to partners every Monday via phone and email to notify them that new content is available for them to consume and use throughout the week. 

The Arrow-IBM marketing service delivers access to IBM content as well as over 8 streams of content from Microsoft, Citrix and other leading technology vendors. Check it out when you get a chance.

Jeff Mesnik