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Technology Trip Ups

In the channel, we tend to focus on the ways in which disruption drives technology transformation; but what about the technology trip ups? These can be quite funny. And couldn’t we all use a good laugh these days.

I’m the first to admit…I’m terrible at taking selfies. I always hit the wrong button, and just when everyone’s ready for the shot, turn the phone off. These comic routines typically end when my kids wrestle the phone away in frustration to take the selfie into their own hands —  usually with picture-perfect results!

On the job, I’m amused by the challenges a lot of people come up against in video meetings, when face-to-face with the camera on their laptop or any other device.

Centering one’s face in the middle of the camera view is a common problem. Three weeks into my remote work normal, I’ve seen my fair share of up-the-nose views, extreme closeups and eyes-only views. I get a big laugh out of the confused looks on people’s faces who have multiple monitors and haven’t figured out where the camera is.

Our PartnerOn team had a little fun modeling a few of these virtual meeting trip ups. Funny? Please share some of your own!

Jeff Mesnik