Friday, July 12, 2024

Learning from channel leader, Kelly Nuckolls

This past week Jeff Mesnik sat down with Kelly Nuckolls, Vice President of Marketing & Alliances at InfoSystems, and all-around channel rock star, to hear what she had to say about how to succeed as a marketing and sales executive. 

Nuckolls was very clear that the most important aspect of ensuring success is having up-to-date consistent core messaging around who you are, and what you do. Once that is clear, the silos of sales and marketing are broken and sales can confidently talk about their strengths and how they can help customers.

One of the main challenges Kelly has faced was how to deliver content across all of the solutions InfoSystems provides in a cohesive manner. Hear how they solved that challenge for their sales team and her advice to resellers as well as her thoughts on the importance of content, partnership and people.

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