Saturday, May 25, 2024

New Feature – Link Calendly to “Meet with Me” assets

We are excited to announce our new Calendly Integration and “Meet with Me” assets. You can now configure the “Meet with Me” capability so potential business prospects can book meetings with you. Choose to integrate with Calendly via your Network Connection settings, or use an alternative scheduling tool to share “Meet with Me” assets on social media, your blog, or via email. 

Configuring your Calendly integration or “Meet with Me” URL will allow you to generate Leads via the platform. Each prospect who books a meeting with you via your Calendly tool will receive a Level 4 Lead score. You will be able to view their information via the Activity on Gated Content Report in your dashboard. Use this information to continue to nurture and grow your Lead base and business relationships.

Nurturing your Leads and business relationships is an important part of social selling. We want to amplify that by providing you with a more personable way to connect with those who share the same interests. To learn more about how business prospects can book meetings on your calendar, read our article: Configuring “Meet with Me” Capability to Book Meetings and Share “Meet with Me” assets.

If you have any further questions or feedback, please fill out our Support Form.

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