Friday, July 12, 2024

New Feature: Mentions for LinkedIn Posts

This quarter, we are working on helping our users become more engaged with their audience. This includes helping your audience become more engaged with the content you post! We are happy to announce we have released a new feature that will create another way for your audience to interact with your LinkedIn posts. Check out our new Mention Feature! 

On LinkedIn, you can now mention your intended company. That company profile will now be clickable in your LinkedIn posts. Tag your own company, or the vendors you work with! 

Mentions are the perfect way to engage and influence your audience. Mentions allows your audience easier access to the pages that you’re promoting. Instead of having to search for a company page, they will be just a click away. 

Pair your mentions with a hashtag! Engagement relies on having consistency within your social media. If you create a specialized hashtag branded towards your company, you will be able to track what other people are saying along with your own posts! Get creative, closely track engagement, and encourage your audience to interact more widely.

Check out our Knowledge Base article about Using Mentions on “Share This” assets for LinkedIn posts. Learn how to mention a company so you can provide a way for additional social media engagement. 

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