Friday, July 12, 2024

New Feature: Quick Tour

The PartnerOn Platform has a lot of great features that can help make your marketing strategy easier. We have always taken user feedback into consideration and have implemented some really great features due to users like you! Recently, we have implemented another new feature. Head on over to your account and sign in to view the newly created Quick Tour

This Quick Tour can be found on your main dashboard, in your Modify Profile settings, and on your Network Connections page! Each of the three pages has sequential steps for getting started on the PartnerOn platform. If you’re worried about what to do next, don’t worry any longer! Follow the steps of the quick tour to get yourself fully set up to start sharing content.

If you have any suggestions or feedback for us about your user experience, please send an email to We appreciate any and all input! We value the user experience and look forward to tailoring it towards your needs.

Visit our Knowledge Base to learn more about Getting Started in tandem with the Quick Tour.

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