Friday, July 12, 2024

Pawrtner Spotlight- Ollie Jimbo

We are very excited that Ollie sat down with us to share what it’s like to be a trusted partner pet. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to fill us in on how you stay out of the dog house and in good standing with your humans!

What is it like to be the pet of a Gold Partner?

I feel quite entitled. Our Gold status gives us many opportunities and when we close a big sale, I get about 10 extra scratches behind my ears (not that I am counting). The more business we get the more I brag about it to the other neighborhood cats. They spread the word to their friends and it all comes full circle. More scratches for me!

How many pet supply vendors do you support?

I am finicky. I like my morning and evening meals from different cans. Combine that with my poofs (one for each room) and my chase toys and we’ve got a lot of different companies involved. Hard to keep track of them all, but they are pretty good about sending coupons for new poofs and free food samples. Then there’s those boxes that come with the delivery guy. Ooh, did I tell you how much I love those boxes?

What is your number one method for gaining attention?

Generally I use the stalk and attack method. This means keeping a consistent presence and making myself known with multiple quick pronouncements each day. It’s all about repetition and quality. But, don’t bite too hard or you may end up in the dog house. The dog does not like me that much.

Do you enjoy being remote with Zoom?

What’s not to like? I am hardly ever alone and I can get a little camera time to satisfy my ego. Avoid standing on the keyboard if you want to have your minute to shine.

How do you use social media?

Be cute. Be as cute as possible at all times and you will get lots of likes. The more likes I get, the more scratches and hugs I get. It’s very symbiotic.

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