Sunday, April 14, 2024

Save your work (because stuff happens)

Guest post by Sterling “Bear” Shimkus

I’m a little hurricane of destruction. Sometimes I like to climb into the linen closet or onto the kitchen counter and knock over EVERYTHING I can find. It’s important to include fragile items of all shapes and sizes in my gravity experiments. I guess Mom is anxious to know the velocity of a shampoo bottle or drinking glass falling to the ground, because she always comes running! Sometimes this is right in the middle of when Mom is working on a social media post, or maybe even a marketing email. She needs to stop really abruptly to come see the results of my hard work. 

For times like these, she uses the Save as Pending feature in her PartnerOn account! Mom can quickly save her work and return to it when she’s ready. Visit the ContentMX Knowledge Base to learn how it works.

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