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Social Media Reactions- how to use your dashboard to engage with buyers

by Jeff Mesnik and Brittnie Cole

When you post on a social network what are you looking for? Reactions and comments? It is a game of sorts, apparently, I am never nearly as funny as I think I am, as my personal jokes and comments go a bit unrecognized on Facebook. But there is a feeling of success when people acknowledge that my post was worthy of a thumbs up or even better, a laugh or a comment.  A reaction translates to interest, and at times validation, but I will leave that to my therapist to decipher. In our last newsletter, we announced that we will be tracking both reactions and the type of reactions a post receives. Let’s take a look at why this is so important and how we are making it easy for you to act upon and drive sales through social media. 

In the business world, as we all stroll through the different business networks, a reaction has a different meaning. It not only offers agreement, but engagement with the post you made, and can be the start of a conversation.  We consider this a buyer offering up intent to engage with you.

So, how do we help take this engagement and move it through the validation points? Well first, we should not let a comment or reaction go unnoticed. We need to track and respond to any reaction because it is an expression of intent.  We see a strong percentage of intent-based reactions convert into opportunities when followed up upon. That is why our application now actively captures and reports this intent, and we refer to this as a Social Marketing Qualified Lead.  

The next level of sales enablement

Social media reactions are a great way for you to identify new potential leads. Social Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL’s) are people you could potentially be doing business with in the future. Reactions are an important indicator of customers and prospects that are engaging with you, which leads to those prospects becoming Social MQL’s. Our platform now gives you a way to view your reaction statistics and provides you with a method to actually view who they’re coming from! 

In our dashboard, under Reports, you can head over to the “Activity by Posted Item” section to view the data of your reactions, comments, shares, impressions, and clicks. Here, you can view how much traction you are receiving on social media and gather data to inform decisions on where your marketing strategy is headed. In addition to viewing and analyzing your data, you can be taken directly to your social media post to view and interact with those who engaged with your content!

Take your marketing strategy to new heights by engaging with those who react to your posts. Gaining MQLs has a lot to do with networking and paying attention to your audience. Do you have a follower who consistently interacts with your posts by liking them? This would be a chance to become what social media refers to as “Mutuals”, or in other words, create a mutual connection with that follower. Follow them back, and engage with their posts. Dig around social media and look at the content that your followers/connections are posting. Are your social media posts relevant to them? Should you start posting about a certain topic more or less frequently? Are your connections engaging more with videos or blog posts?

Use our new reaction feature to dive into who your connections are, follow up with MQLs, and get acquainted with your audience!

Check out our Knowledge Base to learn more about Viewing Your Social Engagement Reactions. Watch our newest video to learn more about this feature and take advantage of knowing who your audience is and how they interact via social media.

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