Sunday, April 14, 2024

Summer won’t last forever, start your fall planning now

Here at PartnerOn Journal, we want to take a moment to recognize how hard of a year it has been for many. With the excitement of summer ending and gearing up for fall with Quarter 4 on your mind, we want to remind you that we are here to make your days easier. Our platform is made to reflect what is important, our users! This means creating an experience that is as accessible as possible

We find it beneficial to provide all of your favorite content in one place. Take a look at what content you can use to benefit your own marketing strategy. There are a variety of channels users can subscribe to, that include informative video assets, articles, and even gated content. We recommend taking some time this month to figure out the direction, of not only your content, but what your users are looking for. 

Here is a list of items we recommend thinking about for your fall planning:

  1. How do you want to be viewed? Take a look at your account information, profile, and branding. Do you reflect the brand you want to put forth?
  2. Who is your audience, and where is your audience? Dive into the Network Connections section of our platform to figure out which posting options are best for you. Are you easily accessible to your audience?
  3. What content is important and useful to you? What is useful and important to your viewers? Check out your variety of streams of content, campaigns, and episodic daily assets to manage what information you’d like to share. What are you planning on representing?
  4. What type of content is your audience going to interact with the most? Browse through the different asset types to see what type of post is going to be most beneficial for you and your audience. What do you want to post? What do you need to post?
  5. Who is in control? Figure out account management inside your Manage Users settings to allow your employees to collaborate and work as a team! 

By making a proactive plan, you will be making your future marketing strategy painless, identifying what pleases your users, and making the most of your experience.

Getting started is the hard part, so we are here to help! Visit our Knowledge Base for more information about Getting Started on our platform.

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