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3 Email Deliverability Challenges (and Solutions)

Even the most astute and experienced email marketers face challenges when it comes to deliverability. Read on for a quick summary of three common issues when sending emails and ways to solve them. 


Are you adding a signature to your emails to verify yourself as an authentic sender? Sender authentication helps protect your email from being spoofed, and increases the probability that your email campaign will land in your recipient’s inbox. It’s best to configure your DNS settings before sending your first email campaign.

Spam complaints

Are your emails being marked as spam by your recipients? If you’re receiving a high number of spam complaints, it’s time to take a step back and figure out why. 

Here are common reasons for spam complaints:

  • You haven’t set up sender authentication (DKIM, SPF)
  • You bulk-sent your campaign, and the email might not be relevant to the recipient
  • You’re sending emails too often
  • You haven’t emailed this list in a long time, and they forget who you are
  • Your sender or subject line looks spammy
  • You don’t have permission to send to the recipient

Lists and Permissions

Do you clean your email lists after every marketing campaign? Leaving bounces, blocks, and undeliverables in your email lists can hurt your sender reputation and deliverability stats.

Where did your lists come from? Organically built, permission-based lists have better open and click rates than purchased lists. This is partially because recipients on a permission-based list are expecting to hear from you. Using purchased, rented, or borrowed lists is not only a questionable practice; it can put you at risk for violating CAN-SPAM, GDPR, and other local privacy laws. 

Here are some steps to improve your email deliverability: 

Request DKIM records for sender authentication. Simply send an email to and provide the email address that you will be using to send emails from your PartnerOn account. We will provide you with CNAME records to add to your DNS.

Make sure to also add ContentMX to your SPF record for better deliverability results. 

Take advantage of the high-quality email content and subject lines created by our professional editorial team. Make sure that you are segmenting your audience into different lists based on their needs and their status in their buyer’s journey. 

On that note, regularly clean your lists for invalid email addresses, bounces, and undeliverables. As a PartnerOn user, we expect that you will only use permission-based lists from a reputable source. Learn more about your email benefits with your PartnerOn account. 

Check out our Email Deliverability FAQ for troubleshooting advice, and watch our Email Basics webinar if you’re new to sending emails from PartnerOn. 

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