Sunday, April 14, 2024

Using content marketing effectively to follow prospects through their buying journey

The PartnerOn Journal continues to explore how creating behaviors enables marketers to drive success. On the Microsoft US Partner Community Blog, Microsoft US OCP GTM Director Diana Ishak shares in her Marketing Foundations blog series how content marketing should be defined by the actions that we want a consumer to take. Marketers can influence a customer’s behavior by carefully planning content that meets a buyer during their buying journey.  In her post, “Marketing Foundations: Power engagement with a content marketing strategy,” Ishak writes about the three steps to creating a content marketing strategy.

But before creating a strategy, Ishak stresses the importance of finding the correct content and using it at the correct time which then allows you to follow your customers on the journey. The goal, she writes “is to engage and delight (not sell).” Additionally, by continually keeping your value proposition top of mind and viewing “it as a tool to keep your team focused on what you sell and how you sell it” you are able to maintain branding.

Check out the full blog post.

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