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A closer look at who you are reaching by putting your content on PartnerOn

Our goal with PartnerOn is always to stay engaged with our users so we can provide the most relevant streams of content. We know that the architecture of our streaming service has to start with understanding our audience. Every week, we help fill the digital footprint of partners with stories that help them increase awareness and drive new sales opportunities. 

The content we stream must not only fill the needs and wants of partners; it must also help the consumer understand how partners will address their business challenges. In order to ensure that PartnerOn is providing the most valuable structured service we can to our users, we dove deeper into answering two questions: who are the partners on our platform, and to whom are they selling? Here is what we found…

Who are our users?

Over 50% of our users describe themselves as IT Solutions Providers, Cloud Service Providers, Managed Service Providers, and Consulting Firms.

What verticals do our users sell to?

Our users serve a variety of industries; their most-served industries are Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail/Hospitality, and Banking/Finance.

What solutions do our users provide?

The top solutions provided by our users include Managed Cloud/IT Services, Security, and Training/Support.

We also looked at anecdotal evidence to help us better understand who our users are and how we benefit their content marketing efforts. This evidence informs how we will continue to evolve and grow our program. Here are some quotes from PartnerOn users:

“Our client base is in the 10 to 50 user base in the professional services, construction, and marketing agencies.” 

“It has helped me look 1. Professional 2. Ready to work at all times 3. Accessible “

“I have more conversations now with prospects about posted content than I used to have. Traffic to my site and my LinkedIn content increases with each post.”

“I have noticed substantial traffic increase to our company website and social media accounts.“

We also learned some interesting things about our users’ customers!:

“My customer produces and sells food for animals.”

“A home-grown renowned Fashion Apparel retailer with more than 15 retail stores across Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Working on Cloud Hosting as part of their digital transformation plan.”

“A K-8 charter school in Michigan that has been working to adopt new solutions for their staff and students. Shifting them to Cloud from on-premises servers.”

With a detailed understanding of the sales channel, PartnerOn is accepting requests from new vendors/OEMs who believe their content will enhance the experience of over 18,000 partners who are already using the PartnerOn platform. 

If you would like PartnerOn to consider your vendor’s content for the program, please email

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