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Actionable Buyer Intent for the Seller

In a recent report by Demand Gen, State of Intet Data, Demand Gen shares a success story of how TechTarget worked closely with Talkdesk to help build their sales pipeline. Using a sophisticated combination of data that helped not only project interest, but also helped define the conversation, they created a synergy between sales teams and marketing messaging. All of which helped move the prospect through the buying cycle. 

This process is very prescriptive for all the teams involved. So the question comes down to what is needed from the seller? In the perfect world, this process works regardless of who is on the phone. Forrester offers the perspective that the seller must become a trusted advisor to the prospective buyer. Businesses must create a process for the prospect and seller to walk together on the sales journey. 

So what is the answer to the question: at what point does sales intent data and the seller meet, vs. where does AI predict the behavior of a prospect? 

The question we at PartnerOn ask ourselves is what content helps a seller become an advisor and, which subsequent actions taken by their audience offer the seller the insight to know that the prospect is on the journey. 

Through our own data, we have identified three key moments: 

  1. Engagement with a social media post: if a prospect engages by reacting, sharing or commenting, then they are more than likely to be on the journey, and part of the buying group
  2. Raised their hand by filling out a form to receive more information on a topic
  3. Asked for a meeting for an assessment of some type 

The above moments grow with value, from 1-3. The consumer at the point of wanting to meet or an assessment is the most qualified. 

Content and consistency of sharing content are the two important factors in driving engagements. Buyers will be more interested in engaging with the sellers that provide the relevant information.  

“Digitally savvy Millennials want open, intuitive, personalized experiences that seamlessly move between digital and human interactions.“ (An Insights-Driven System Is Key To Sales Success, Forrester Research)

At PartnerOn, our goal for partners is to ensure that we create the intent for the sellers, and provide clear paths to ensure the intent is identified and responded to. We do this with 52 weeks of content, tracking of social reactions, gating content, and offering opportunities to meet for assessments or other needs. This unique integration of content and technology provides the easiest and most actionable intent information. 

Learn more about this by using our free service, PartnerOn.   

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