Sunday, April 14, 2024

At IGEL, Partner Enablement is Fun and Games

Working from home (WFH) has gone from perk to par for the course since COVID-19 required businesses to shut down their brick-and-mortar office spaces. 

To make the most of forced remote work, a lot of professionals are going the digital nomad route, embracing the opportunity to work anywhere — wherever there’s an internet connection.

Edge OS provider, IGEL, is well positioned in this new reality and seeing more million-dollar-plus deals as a result. But as a 100 percent channel-driven business, IGEL has traditionally relied on the energy sparked at its annual partner event, Disrupt, to make connections and motivate engagement. 

With the mass move to remote work, the IGEL channel marketing team has had to come up with new strategies to motivate partners in ways that are both engaging and fun — a fresh take on fun and games.

Carl Gersh, IGEL Senior Director of Marketing and Kimberly Nicola, IGEL Senior Marketing Manager, shared some of these “fun” channel marketing strategies in an interview with Channel Marketing Journal. This video shows highlights of our conversation centering on three of IGEL’s most creative and successful channel enablement programs. 
Watch the video to learn how IGEL captured the energy generated at its in-person partner event in January and adapted it to a remote work world.

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