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Automated Posting

Fall is the perfect time to start making and managing connections. For some, this might mean being more present in the work atmosphere since kids are heading back to school. For others, this might mean vacations are over, and it’s time to refocus on end-of-the-year goals. In our last update, we encouraged you to get ahead of the game with our Networking 101 advice. We are back with more insight on how to make connecting even easier!

The PartnerOn Journal team understands how busy quarter 4 is for most companies. This could entail having endless to-do lists and follow-up meetings, all while preemptively beginning to plan for the new year. Finding time to fit marketing strategies into your planning can seem like a struggle. We are here to provide a diligent, but swift way to continuously connect with your audience and networks without the stress of having a constant physical presence. 

Our platform provides an automated posting feature that can cut down on posting time and make your work-life less stressful, while keeping your audience engaged. With this feature, you can be as selective as you would like! Do your best to figure out what days, times, networks, and channels work best for you.

Pro Tips:

Days/Times- When figuring out which days and times work best, think about your audience. Do you think people are more or less likely to look at your posts first thing in the morning? Do people usually browse during lunchtime? PartnerOn Journal recommends Tuesdays and Fridays for posting. Tuesdays are great because the Monday rush is gone. Fridays are great because people are more relaxed and open! Timing is key.

Networks- The auto-post feature lets you pick which social media networks you’d like to share content on. Think about where your audience is. Refer to our Networking 101 article to ask yourself probing questions about your audience. Is your audience only on LinkedIn and Facebook? Great! Our auto-post feature will allow you to pick one or more networks to post to.

Channels- Figuring out what content fits best with your companies’ narrative on each network is going to be beneficial when you start auto-posting. Are you inclined to only post Microsoft Azure content to one network, and IBM Cloud content to another? Then we have a solution for you! The auto-posting feature allows you to toggle channels on and off auto-post, allowing you to control what your audience sees. We recognize that some content might be more relevant or useful than other content, so pick between auto-posting an entire channel, turning off auto-posting for other channels, and manually scheduling out certain assets on others!

Other suggestions:

  • Make sure you take time to think about what you are promoting and selling. Set aside a few minutes every Monday to look at the current week’s content, decide what you want to post and where to, and schedule it out. Managing your week’s worth of content within a couple of minutes will cut down your planning time exponentially. Spend the rest of your week worrying about other work obligations. 
  • If you are using auto-post to the full extent, check up on the platform every so often to make sure everything is going as planned. Are your networks still connected correctly? Is everything displaying as intended?
  • If you decide to turn on auto-posting and not worry about timing, messaging, etc. then do not worry! We have your back. Our platform provides pre-scheduled times, with suggested messaging just for you. Just turn on auto-posting, customize what networks you want your assets to be visible on, and you’re good to go!
  • Check back for weekly stats and reports to see what your audience is engaging with and if you need to modify your content. Taking a Monday morning to plan and analyze your content will provide you with a thought-out plan, leaving you the rest of the week to refocus your energy!

Check out our Knowledge Base articles on Automated Posting Basics, and Automated Posting Customization for more information. Become stronger with your preparation, while finding a healthy workload balance!

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