Friday, July 12, 2024

Networking 101- Start here.

Planning your fall marketing strategy can be stressful. Here at PartnerOn Journal, we want to provide you with multiple strategies that can help make your experience run as smoothly as possible. This week we will explore networking with your audience.

In our last article we asked: Who is your audience, and where is your audience? Dive into the Network Connections section of our platform to figure out which posting options are best for you. Are you easily accessible to your audience?

We want to push our users to think about how important networking is, not only with their current audiences, but with potential prospects.

Networking can be one of the most difficult aspects of marketing. We understand the ambiguity of wanting to put yourself out there. Our platform makes it easy to provide you with ways to connect. With the click of a few buttons, you can have content ready to post to hundreds of people.

Answer these questions, and you’re ahead of the game.

Who is your audience? First, finding out who most of your audience is can provide great strides in getting where you want to be. Is your audience other professionals in the marketing industry? Users of products who rely on quality experiences with companies like Microsoft, IBM, Lenovo, or others? Personal contacts? People you have maintained relationships with on LinkedIn, or in the outside corporate world? A mix of different people? This question is not only important to your professional workspace, but also in other aspects of your life. You should always know to who you’re presenting your information.

Where is your audience? Are they on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or other social media? Do they read your website or blog? Are they reading emails? Are they on a mix of platforms? Do they rely on you to be posting to one of these platforms consistently? Figuring out where you may have the most following can make it easier for you to connect with your audience. You don’t want to be posting to an empty Twitter feed.

Are you easily accessible to your audience? Are your usernames and handles simple enough for someone to memorize or search? Are people going to be able to find you on Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms? Are your blog and website links easily findable and accessible? Do you post them anywhere so they are reachable? Does your intended audience even use social media or blogs? Are your emails going to be buried in someone’s inbox because of obscure usernames or subject lines? Making it as easy as possible for someone to search for you on different platforms will help you reach a larger audience. 

Luckily, our platform provides integrations to some of the largest social networks, blogs, and email solutions. If there is a platform you do not see, you can always try our Generic Connection options, or recommend to us new integrations we can provide! We always strive to make our users happy, which means taking careful consideration of all requests.

Want to learn more about Network Connections? We are here to help! Please visit our Knowledge Base for more information about Network Connections and how they function.

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