Sunday, April 14, 2024


SYNNEX and Tech Data came out with the perfect ship name, TD SYNNEX. Some may say it isn’t quite as catchy as Bennifer (you would think I was aging myself with that one, but they are back together), but it does signify something great.

What is truly special about this merger is the value that they will provide to the partner community. TD SYNNEX is able to offer unique solutions that only an integrated distribution platform can.  PartnerOn has been part of both worlds helping to engage the partners and consumers in the great value that these two organizations provide. 

Stellr is an example of an important solution from which Tech Data and SYNNEX partners can benefit.  It provides improved business opportunities for the partners who are engaged with it.  Learn more about Stellr here.   

ContentMX provides the application to help partners learn and share the importance of the Stellr cloud offering. The Stellr content stream should be followed by all partners in the SYNNEX and Tech Data ecosystems. 

Last week, Jay McBain shared a list of publications that should be required reading for the channel.  We believe that following and engaging with the streams of content provided through our vendor partners is equally, if not more important. Want to know what the latest solutions and products are? Our content streams provide all the information needed to be successful in selling and marketing unique solutions. 

We partner with multiple distributors to bring you content streams that cover all aspects of the technology industry. SYNNEX DEMANDSolv offers not just unique content from their cloud marketplace Stellr, but great content from GOVSolv, Lenovo, Intel, HPE, HP, and so many others. And let’s not forget Arrow’s Curated Content and Tech Data who feature streams from Red Hat, Tech Data Cloud, IBM, Citrix Palo Alto Networks and more! 

Following content streams provided by vendors and distributors helps partners stay up to date on the rapidly changing industry.  There are new programs and new revenue streams opening up almost every day, and the key to success is being able to share solutions as soon as they come to market. By staying informed, and sharing information from the PartnerOn programs, partners and their sellers ensure a spot at the forefront of the industry and will be seen as leaders amongst solutions providers.

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