Friday, July 12, 2024

Breaking down the data from the largest Content Marketplace in the world

With over 20,000 users of our application generating over 300 million impressions a month we have the unique opportunity to discover what interests both the partners and the consumers. On average each partner we work with shares 34 items every month. And over 50% of our partners engaged with the platform weekly. By looking at user activity, we are able to capture both analytical and anecdotal data such as which vendors and what content are the most interesting to the consumers and which content has generated the most interest on social media or through emails or blogs.

For example, we now understand that even today, remote work is still top of mind for most. We know this because we can see that engagement levels with this type of content or with vendors that provide remote workplace solutions is still going strong over the last three months. 

Here’s a look at what customers are engaging with…

Surface for business and education content has received the highest consumer engagement.  The content covers how Surface integrates well with hybrid cloud environments, and how it supports the needs of education and IT organizations. The piece of content with the highest engagement levels covers remote work, and how Surface makes it easy to achieve a high-level remote work environment.  

Content from the CISCO SMB content stream also garners a high engagement level. This content covers how Cisco’s multi-cloud solutions can help small and medium-sized businesses with networking, security, and collaboration. Also important to note is the focus on SMBs. As remote work grows, SMBs are forced to implement more sophisticated processes, and are looking for help doing so.

Security is a hot topic amongst SMBs. Businesses need to find the easiest path for working from home securely and effectively. The top piece of content from the CISCO SMB stream, Secure Remote Workforces, verifies that. 

Here’s what we know about what types of content people want…

In what form do people want content? What’s the most helpful to them in the selling process? What we see is that more people are clicking and downloading documents at a higher clip than other content types. This comes in the form of solutions briefs, eBooks, brochures, and infographics. Users are searching for relevant content to help their customers, and once they have captured their attention with a post, providing customers with in-depth information is how they are closing deals.

Through the anecdotal reporting of sales successes we are also able to see that solutions sold range from security, to Office. One of our users reported $10,000/month in new Dynamics deals! And told us that getting the attention of customers on LinkedIn helped the sales process for these deals.

Additionally, the benefit of using our platform was clearly articulated by one of our partners when she told us how easy it was to access so many different solutions in one content marketplace.  Many of our users have told us that they no longer need to go to several different portals for marketing content, our platform serves as a one stop shop for all the vendor content they need.

We are excited about how the PartnerOn Content Marketplace has grown over the past year, and we are even more excited to continue to add new services and to improve how we collect data, both analytical and anecdotal. We know how important return on investment is for our vendors and how return on invested time is for our users. Bringing both to the table is what makes this a win-win solution for the industry. 

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