Saturday, May 25, 2024

Content Insights to Make Informed Marketing Decisions

The PartnerOn Marketplaces are one of the largest publishers of technology content in the world, communicating to over 10,000 partners, who in turn help create over 10 million impressions and over 70,000 consumer clicks every month. Each click is a new potential business opportunity. 

The publishing engine not only creates reach, but offers unique data insights for both partners and suppliers alike. The story the data tells is one of interest, engagement and market predictions. For example, a study of 1,000 partners from one of our Content Marketplaces compares partners to consumer interests.  This first chart shows content selected and published by partners. 

This chart demonstrates that this select group of partners are most interested in content from Palo Alto Networks, followed by Red Hat, IBM Cloud and Dell. 

We can then overlay that data with what the consumers engaged with and we can see a slightly different story.

While Palo Alto, Red Hat, Dell, and IBM are still in the top four, the percentages get a lot closer, and Dell and IBM Cloud have traded places.  We have similar studies from other marketplaces where we have seen a clear interest in content about hybrid work. This demonstrates what we predict is the long tail reaction to Covid.  

As the PartnerOn audience continues to grow, content will start to focus on unique industries and challenges faced by target audiences. From this we plan on building a model to help suppliers and vendors focus their marketing efforts. 

While publishing data is not new, the idea of being able to easily parse seller and consumer data together is a unique opportunity that only PartnerOn Content Marketplaces can offer. Become part of our content marketplace today, as either a user or provider of content, and be part of the future.

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