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Telecom and the Channel

With the increased availability of 5G networks and leveraging them to connect the edge computing, we are seeing the significant growth in the role telecom companies will play in the channel.  We wanted to hear more about this so, we decided to engage the audience on LinkedIn. And below is the conversation for all to see. 


Been thinking about the increasing role of telecom companies and the channel. We hear a lot of talk on working to supply the edge devices with connectivity, security, and management of big data. Will telecom companies work as the distributor for the edge? How are distributors at selling bandwidth consumption and the services that support it? Would love to hear thoughts. Jay McBain Brian Potts Rich Hume Jennifer Baier Anaya Michelle Chiantera

Jay McBain, Chief Analyst – Channels, Partnerships & Ecosystems – Canalys:

Check out the leading Tech Solutions Brokers (new name for Master Agents). ScanSource acquired Intelisys, Telarus just made another acquisition in June, and more activity is in the works with the large distributors. Interesting space as the edge increasingly involves distributing bits AND atoms.

Peter Chu- Digital Transformation Problem Solver

Brilliant response Jay McBain. TSBs are fulfilling the need


The Follow-up question is where will the marketplaces be? We know that Verizon, and T-Mobile have been building out their marketplaces for the edge support software. Will the TSB’s have their own, will they refer to others? Van Murray you and Jay McBain would have an interesting dialogue on this. Peter Chu do you see the TSB’s filling the marketplace needs?


Jeff Mesnik about a half dozen types of marketplaces will serve end clients in this space – the question is what share will they each have in 5 years? I wouldn’t bet against the super marketplaces (hyperscalers) getting a big chunk of the pie.


Jay McBain Thank you Jay! For those following this conversations here is a link to Jay’s blog, which I would argue is required reading for people who work in the channel:

The benefit of this conversation was it informed and engaged a good audience with comments, impressions and reactions. The ongoing challenge is generating these conversations. Make sure to follow me on LinkedIn and join my conversations- let’s keep these important conversations going!

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