Friday, July 12, 2024

Desire, emotion, and knowledge

“Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.” -Plato

When we formed ContentMX we wanted to provide users with one place they could go to get marketing content for all of the different products they sell from multiple vendors. From this idea the PartnerOn technology was born. We created the single largest content marketplace that offers partners the opportunity to easily discover content they need to form storylines that drive sales.  

I often write about how important content is during the sales process. How do we reach customers who have a problem they want to solve? How do we provide them with information that they need? How do we scale that effort so we can reach as many people as possible, and in so doing become a trusted source of solutions? And how do we do it without breaking the bank? Our answer is digital content marketing through the PartnerOn platform. If you are successfully marketing to your customers and prospects, you will influence their buying behavior. You are reaching your audience who has the desire to buy and who wants and needs a solution to their problem and giving them the knowledge to do so. 

A blog article from TrustRadius, shares…. 

“You can help buyers through this early phase of their journey by providing the right type of content and guidance. Educational content around common business problems and how your product’s use cases map to some of those problems is a great place to start.“

Let’s look at how this plays out in the real world: the farming industry. The agricultural industry has gone digital- from soil to ecommerce and everything in between. What the industry has come to realize is that building out an environment that mixes public and private cloud services and edge computing serves their needs. Resellers who focus on the farming industry need to provide a complete picture of how they can help enable their customers to go digital. With the right content, they can accomplish this. The content they share needs to address a customer’s desire to improve the process for farming, it needs to provide the knowledge of how to do so,  and it needs to establish a trust that the reseller knows what the best solution is for their needs. 

The LinkedIn page for Advantage Technology is a great example of how one company can share content from multiple vendors from Azure to Intel and Lenovo. They have successfully leveraged the PartnerOn platform technology to provide their customers with solutions that address all of their various needs- from protecting your data from natural disasters to creating a smarter farm through AI. Advantage Technology is consistently reaching their network with information and solutions that they desire.

Partners not on one or all of the PartnerOn offerings, would need to jump from vendor marketing portal to vendor marketing portal just to see what content is out there. Then they would have to gather content, sift through it to see what is worth sharing, organize it each week, write messaging to go with the content, and manually send it out. This could take a full marketing staff to accomplish, and most companies don’t have the time or resources to get it done correctly. And we haven’t even touched on following up with leads to bring a customer to the point of purchase.

The PartnerOn platform provides partners with a content marketplace that offers 52 weeks of streaming content from over 18 vendors- Microsoft, HPE, HPi, Lenovo, Intel, IBM, Red Hat, Palo Alto Networks, Citrix, Aruba, and many others.  We have created a solution for partners and vendors alike. Being the largest content marketplace enables vendors to reach partners with fresh, relevant marketing materials and enables partners the unique opportunity to help drive the behavior of the consumers to their services.  

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