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Manually Sharing Assets to Social Media

Sharing content on social media can seem daunting. You might ask yourself — Will I get enough engagement? Who is reading my posts? Do I have enough followers? 

Our team often tries to provide tips and tricks for social media. You can find these in previous articles like; Networking 101 and Taking a Deeper Dive into Networking. We like to get you thinking outside of the box. What more can you do to open communication and measure success with the platform?

Sometimes, before taking the deep dive, taking a step back can help you start fresh. Going back to the beginning can often be eye-opening for those who have been stuck in one process for so long. How can I recreate the wheel? Do I need to re-evaluate my processes?

We know how much our users love our Automated Posting feature. And we know you love it just as much as we do! Sometimes, we need to take a breath, and look at what is posting, and where it’s posting to. Taking a step back every so often to re-evaluate how your posting is going can give you insight into: 

What type of content is being engaged with? How often is your audience interacting with your posts? Are your channels still posting to the proper Network Connections? Is one social media platform outshining the others?

With Automated Posting turned on, it’s important to still keep an eye on your engagement! Don’t forget to check back in on the platform a few times a week to see how things are going! 

Going back to the basics can help guide you to answer these questions. Monitoring what you post more closely can help you recognize who is engaging with your content and why they are engaging. 

Take a look at our quick 2-minute video: Getting Started Tips: Manually Sharing Assets to Social Media. If you’re struggling with where to start, or if you feel stuck on a plateau of engagement stats, take it back to the beginning. In addition to the video, read our article: Manually Sharing Assets to Social Media. Re-evaluation of processes is important. Don’t forget where you started. It will help where you end up. 

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