Friday, July 12, 2024

Partner Spotlight- Andy Barnes

As the founder of, Andy Barnes knows the value of engaging with clients on social media. Read how PartnerOn helps Andy optimize his valuable time and energy.

How big is 

A few thousand freelancers

What are the top 3 verticals/industries you sell to?

Technology software and media and change management division in the private sector.

Can you describe what your company does, and your role at the company?

6prog is a self service consultancy that enables both the service provider (contractor/ freelance consultant) and the client to work. This includes creation of proposals and projects, agreement of milestones, signing a contract using DocuSign, approvals and invoices/payments.

6prog replaces the need for a human agency in the same way that travel agency has gone online and estate agencies are being replaced by apps too.

How long have you been using PartnerOn?

About 6 months. I was introduced to PartnerOn via my relationship with DocuSign.

How do you use PartnerOn?

We use PartnerOn to share details about DocuSign with our network.

What are your favorite things about using PartnerOn?

It’s not difficult to set up. Once running I have not had to continually get involved in the tech.

Can you share a marketing challenge you have faced, and any strategies you used to overcome it?

Creation of new materials is always a challenge. Social media dictates we should post often and at an expected quality. PartnerOn gives me an ability to do both.

What advice do you have for partners who are just getting started with content marketing?

Put enough effort in at the beginning so you can run for 3 months without it interrupting your day job. Then review and plan the next 3 months.

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