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Partner Spotlight- Hicham Ennaimi

We are excited to feature our latest Partner Spotlight- Hicham Ennaimi. Hicham is the CEO & Founder of VistaBizHub Advisory Services in Boston, right in our backyard! Hicham and our Client Success Manager, Liz, have worked closely to ensure our platform is working to help Hicham grow his business. We love how enthusiastic he is about his experience, and are truly grateful that he took the time to answer some questions. Take a look at what Hicham has to say about PartnerOn.

How big is VistaBizHub Advisory Services?

We have 5 employees.

What are the top three verticals/industries you sell to?

Financial Services, Technology & Legal.

Can you describe what your company does, and your role at the company?

VistaBizHub Advisory Services is an enterprise-focused cloud computing Managed Service Provider dedicated to implementing cloud infrastructure and building bespoke IT cloud solutions. We partner with only the best solution providers, to ensure that our customers have access to the highest quality and most innovative cloud tool sets available today.

Our advisory services help align the cloud to support our customers business strategy, through the means of process design, and infrastructure management.

How long have you been using PartnerOn?

Five years

How do you use PartnerOn?

Social media sharing, email, and we just started using the microsite.

What are your favorite things about using PartnerOn?

You provide great content for multiple verticals and organization sizes, as well as multiple types of content. The industry reports from leading providers are very helpful in showing that these are proven technologies. This helps us gain the trust of our customers. The content is always relevant, and granular reporting really helps us gain insights. More importantly, outstanding dedicated account managers who are always keen on helping us grow our business. Liz is fully dedicated to providing us a “tailor made” approach to our specific needs. 

How have you seen your business change since using PartnerOn?

Our existing customers love our content, we were also able to grow our target prospect list as well. Your platform and working with you played a big part in helping our business and our brand grow.

Do you have any stats about revenue, leads, website traffic, social media traffic that you think PartnerOn activity helped with? 

Email campaigns have allowed us to not only communicate with customers but also increase our prospect list. I am excited about how many new leads we have generated. Recently 30 people opted-in to our email communication.

Can you share a marketing challenge you have faced, and any strategies you used to overcome it?

Challenge A: Growing the number of new followers on our social media platforms: The recommendation was to start using the microsite and to continue posting on social media.

Challenge B: Growing the number of new subscribers to our newsletters: The outstanding content was the solution.

What advice do you have for partners who are just getting started with content marketing?

The platform plays a big part in positioning our cloud solutions and services. I’ve watched how much of a difference it made especially for a small Managed Service Provider like VistaBizHub Advisory Services Inc.

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