Friday, July 12, 2024

Partner Spotlight- Michael Coopersmith

PartnerOn Spotlight is excited to feature Michael Coopersmith this month! Michael is the President of Integrated Technology Systems LLC, in New York City and has been using PartnerOn for nine months. Thank you Michael for allowing us to shine the spotlight on you!

What are the top three verticals/ industries you sell to?

Legal, Accounting, Not for Profits

How big is your company?

10-20 people

How do you use PartnerOn?

Social Media and emails

What are your favorite things about using PartnerOn?

Your ready-made campaigns

How have you seen your business change since using PartnerOn?

We are getting a lot of visibility

Can you share a marketing challenge you have faced and any strategies you used to overcome it?

Just get started and plan. We have plenty of start/stops with marketing over the year. Nothing changed until we hired a resource for marketing and put together a plan with a calendar and started executing. Doing one-off campaigns with no follow up and no clear plan does not work. Marketing is all about follow up and processes.

What advice do you have for partners who are just getting started with content marketing?

Hire a resource that can focus on the marketing and that keeps you accountable.

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