Sunday, April 14, 2024

Partner Spotlight- Valery Herrington

Valery Herrington, CEO of Herrington Technology shares with us the perfect way to leverage our weekly schedule to compliment her company’s marketing efforts. Read more to learn how she optimizes PartnerOn to maximize consistent content marketing.

Your name, title, and company name:  Valery Herrington, CEO Herrington Technology

Your company size: small business firm

The top 3 verticals/industries you sell to: Healthcare & Pharma, FINtech, Consumer Goods

Can you describe what your company does, and your role at the company? Advanced technology FUTURE-GEN, multi-channel enterprise solutions and services. Brand label.

How long have you been using PartnerOn? We have been using PartnerOn for only 1 year (last year). This was our first time leveraging a semi-automated campaign and marketing tool to enable broader audience reach and connections for professional business in select areas of our business.

How do you use PartnerOn (social media sharing, email, etc.)? We push primarily to microsite and distribution lists. Because PartnerOn has advanced views that come in advance of the week or scheduled distribution week we can harmonize other channels of marketing with it easily and run our own custom content parallel to what’s available on PartnerOn.

What are your favorite things about using PartnerOn? Easy to use and multi-channel

How have you seen your business change since using PartnerOn? We are still tracking to 1st year metrics. It has helped us increase market presence and impact.

Can you share a marketing challenge you have faced, and any strategies you used to overcome it? As the business grows it is a continual challenge to stay on top of our customer base. PartnerOn helps us do that effectively with automation and leading content for a seamless integration with our growing business channels.

What advice do you have for partners who are just getting started with content marketing? It’s a great way to market effectively. Start small. Get familiar with it and scale at your own pace.

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