Friday, July 12, 2024

Target marketing through email

Reaching a targeted list of customers and prospects is easy to do by sharing content through emails. Get started by heading to the Sending Emails section of our Knowledge Base for instructions on how to set up your email. Once you have seen how easy it is to set up the email feature think about taking it to the next level with segmentation.

Segmenting your lists enables you to customize your messaging and makes your audience feel seen. Try breaking them down by current customer vs. prospects and cater to each group- are there additional products and solutions that your customers can add to their existing tech stack that will enhance their solutions? Is there a new product that you want your prospects to read about to gain momentum in the sales process?

Another great way to segment your lists is by heading over to the Social Reactions Report and seeing who has interacted with content you have posted on social media. Create a list of SMQLs with this information and customize your emails to continue the conversation. 

Stay tuned for our Quick Tip video on the benefits of using email through your ContentMX account!

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