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The Confluence of Technology and Content- What We Learned from 2020

This past year was like no other- society faced unprecedented challenges.  From the news to business, we found the need for trusted content and information was never more at the forefront of our lives. 

It is in these times of great challenges that opportunities for technology advancements can be actualized, exploding onto the scene like never before.  Technology booms often coincide with pivotal moments in time. For example, the space race brought the advent of the Internet. The race offered a singular focus for technologists and led to the building of an entire new industry and economy. 

During this past year, I would argue that medical technology has been accelerated based on the focus of a single need.  The pandemic provided an opportunity for scientists to leverage medical technology that had been researched for decades and deploy it to support a single focus. Pfizer, Moderna and many other biotech companies built on their research and knowledge to create vaccines. They did not start from ground zero, but rather used known technology they thought could be the solution:

For decades, scientists have dreamed about the seemingly endless possibilities of custom-made messenger RNA, or mRNA.

Researchers understood its role as a recipe book for the body’s trillions of cells, but their efforts to expand the menu have come in fits and starts. The concept: By making precise tweaks to synthetic mRNA and injecting people with it, any cell in the body could be transformed into an on-demand drug factory.” *

But like any new technology or solution building trust becomes the challenge. Advancements without background or insight can often breed distrust.  Windmills, for example, represented a stable advancement of technology, but the lack of true information has caused some to doubt their efficacy.

That is why a well-told origin story is so important. Consumers look for content and information now more than ever. Confidence and acceptance are only built through a strong and consistent content stream of trusted information.

One must take into consideration four pillars of content to gain trust:

  • Empathy – Share the initial challenge that the technology was looking to address.
  • Reasoning – Explain why the solution is best for solving for the challenges.
  • Results – Understand how the solution worked and how it accomplished it’s set goals.
  • How – Define how to implement the solution.

Similar to how a confluence of time and technology offer advancements, a confluence of content and technology build awareness and trust. By using our platform, PartnerOn, for content marketing, users are able to share a strong storyline each week. Content is organized into weekly episodes that build upon each other. Content explains to customers how and why products work and provides support for problems they are trying to solve. If users follow the architecture of our content stream, then the consumer will start to trust, and share the need for the solution. This confluence of technology and content can then truly build and accelerate into  new opportunities your for business.

If there is one good thing to come of uncertain times, 2020 has taught us the value of trusted content and how it can lead to expanding your future horizons.

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