Saturday, May 25, 2024

The Seller is the Key

The Cloud Marketplace is exploding! Every company in the channel is vying for a piece of this very large pie.   Forrester estimates that by 2023, 17% ($1.8 trillion) of U.S. B2B business market will take place online. What’s the question every vendor and partner is asking? “How do I influence the behavior of the users of the cloud marketplace to choose my technology?”

Sapphire Ventures created a great how-to e-book, offering start-up’s thoughts on how to influence the buyers to discover their technology within the cloud marketplace. One initiative discussed is activating the sellers. Focusing on sellers is a key element as we move along the maturity line of the cloud marketplace. It will become more and more difficult for buyers to pick products and solutions or discern the differences between numerous offerings in the marketplace, so it will be up to the sellers to engage with their customers and work with them to help them find the best solutions.

Take a look at a slide from their e-book on contributing factors to Cloud Marketplace success.

But how does a seller gain the knowledge to help all of their customers? This can only be accomplished effectively with a content marketplace that provides consistent, predictable content, helping sellers to engage most effectively with their buyers. And in comes the concept of creating a behavior for the sellers of consistent sharing, to help them learn, engage, and share their knowledge.  If the seller is at a large distributor, or sits in a small reseller, the need to reach their customers consistently is the same.

As an addendum to the Sapphire Ventures eBook, taking a look at Digital Marketing Institute’s article on how content is key to effective social selling. The seller that is engaged with content sells more:

 “67% of top-performing sales organizations support their sales enablement efforts with content while 65% of buyers claim it has influenced their final decision to purchase.” 

The technology boom on cloud marketplaces is happening, and the challenge to break through the noise is daunting, but by focusing on content you will ease the burden of success.  Providing both enablement and GTM content in a consistent and relevant fashion will help organizations easily find the solutions they seek. 

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