Friday, July 12, 2024

What is the Value of a Content Marketplace for Distributors?

In this issue of the PartnerOn Journal, we highlight a great article about the changing role of distribution by Jay McBain, Principal Analyst at Forrester. McBain’s blog dives into the changing financial models based on new consumption sales programs.  

I was particularly interested in the concept of marketplaces that distributors are building. Within these marketplaces, partners can research and develop hybrid, multi-cloud offerings, along with products and services that connect the final mile. Additionally, distributors have the unique capability of connecting vendors while offering a single source for both partner and customer solutions.

This newer way of approaching sales creates a challenge for the vendor as they strive to share a product story that a customer can easily follow. This is where PartnerOn fits into the picture. We work closely with top distributors like SYNNEX, Arrow, and TechData to provide a unique content marketplace for their partners. 

Our platform enables the distributors to help partners and customers learn and understand how to develop the best solution story. Leveraging marketplaces means that partners don’t have to go searching for content in multiple portals or systems to piece together their story. Weekly ready-to-use streams of content arrive directly to their mobile phones and desktops. What’s even better is that each week, the content story builds, creating an easy-to-follow narrative of relevant information that answers the needs of customers. Furthermore, with a constant eye towards ROI, we allow distributors to develop new revenue streams so they can leverage the large networks of companies with whom they work. 

Our streaming content marketplace provides both marketers and salespeople with an easy solution to drive and increase sales.  As vendors move toward consumption models, PartnerOn provides a clear path for more conversations and education on solutions and specific product value propositions.  

Our data reinforces the change in distribution flow. Content from our distributors that is sent out through our marketplace reaches a large audience of end user decision makers. Each month content is emailed to over 1.4 million subscribers, reaching across numerous verticals from financial services, manufacturing and hospitality to education, healthcare, and many others.  Distributors working with PartnerOn are among the largest publishers of high value content to targeted consumers.

Take a look at some of the companies available on our streaming content marketplace, and reach out to me if you’re interested in learning more:

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