Sunday, April 14, 2024

What types of content drive sales?

At ContentMX we continue to review the data to not only understand topics of interest, but to also understand what type of content drives the interest. 

One of our content marketplaces boasts over 2800 users who have published over 12,000 pieces of content to over 400,000 prospects in January alone.

The content originated from top suppliers such as Microsoft, Cisco, Red Hat, Intel, HPE, Lenovo, and many others.  

Our reports are able to help us tell the story of what the consumers engage in. The first chart shows us what type of content was shared by the users of our application in January.

The second chart helps us understand, what content created the most reactions, or MQL’s.

Let’s look at two types of content and how they compare in the two graphs. In the first graph you can see that solution briefs are 17.9% of the content shared by our users. In the second graph you can see that the majority of the social media reactions came from social briefs (38.8%).  If we look at infographics we can see that they are the second most popular item to share by our users, but only 7.9% of the reactions came from those posts. Clearly there is a disconnect between the perceived need and the actual interest.  

If we think about the analysis and how it compares to the scatter graphs of the buyers then we can understand why the solution brief would be so popular. It becomes the start of the dialogue, and is relevant for all the parties who are engaged in the decision making process. The promotional and branding materials become relevant for the executives. They use this information to help trigger which organizations to present against the solution briefs, while white papers and analyst reports help validate the solutions about to be selected.  

The analysis is just the beginning. As we continue to evolve, add new features and offer co-selling and lead sharing services between suppliers and their partners, we will be able to help track the content to a marketing qualified lead and to sales qualified lead. Thereby helping convert content engagement into a shared opportunity.

As the largest content marketplace for the channel, we are among the very few organizations who can recognize how content is engaged with through the entire sales channel. Allowing suppliers who work with ContentMX a very unique view that crosses over many vendors, partners and different consumers.

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