Saturday, May 25, 2024

Why We Have a Communication Problem and 3 Ways to Solve It

Messaging and positioning advisor Zach Messler believes we have a communication problem. With people consuming information digitally and from a range of non-traditional sources, it’s no longer enough just to be heard. 

To make a difference and ensure your big ideas stick, your message needs to be understood. It needs to be remembered and shared by others.

In this entertaining video, Zach talks about 3 things you can do as a marketer to bring your best ideas to life. Watch it here to learn about the value of embracing simplicity, communicating in repeatable, purposeful ways and striking the right chord with your target audience by delivering messages that resonate.

Putting Simplicity, Repeatability and Resonance to Work

Technology vendors like Microsoft and Synnex are helping partners put Zach’s concepts to work in customer outreach and lead-gen efforts by offering digital marketing support. PartnerOn Journal recently surveyed partners on the results they’ve been able to achieve, which are worth sharing. Check out this article for an at-a-glance of our findings. 

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