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Five Tips to Improve your Digital Marketing

Over the past year, we have explored how partners have been increasing sales through the PartnerOn application. Did you know that Digital Marketing Content OnDemand, SYNNEX DEMANDSolv and Arrow’s Curated Content in addition to PartnerOn for Tech Data are all under the PartnerOn platform umbrella? We proudly serve these major distributors with a platform that drives the success of its users.

After reading about the success of other partners, our readers have asked us for specific pointers on the formula for that success. So, I put together a simple list of things you can do to drive your level of customer engagement, and increase growth opportunities.

Five things our successful partners do, and so should you…

  1. Consistency of content:  Having the content out there on social media, and your blog helps to build trust between you and a customer. But it’s not enough to post something every once in a while, you need to create a storyline that has customers wanting more and who are looking for your posts because they know you can help them solve their problems. Being consistent gives your customers a sense of relief knowing you are there for them with an answer.
  2. Send emails: Consistently using the email solution helps create an expectation with your audience, and also serves as an individual touchpoint to your customers. The personal connection gives them more opportunities to connect with you, it also drives them to the destination where content is hosted, and further demonstrates your knowledge of their needs. If you need a refresher on how to use our email function, head here.
  3. Respond: Speaking of personal connections, think about your response to how people engage with your content.  If they like it, or if they comment on it, what is your response to them? Social media is about connections, when your customers engage with your content, how are you engaging back? Think about the powerful message a simple response gives: there is a human behind this response who not only took notice of my comment, but who can further help me.
  4. Create a response by asking for an interaction: Need help jump-starting the conversation? Customize your messaging to include a “Let’s celebrate this accomplishment, click the celebrate icon” Or, “Tell us what we can do to make your job easier” or “Vote on your thoughts by clicking the Like button for yes and the celebrate button for No.” But, don’t forget to continue the conversation! Again, it’s not enough to just post, take it to the next level and learn more about how to get noticed on LinkedIn.
  5. Use @ signs: When publishing to social networks using an @mention is always a great way to trigger more views and interest in your messaging. Cast a wider net by including people in the conversation, giving credit where credit is due, and bringing your services to their attention. 

So there you have it, the top five actions our most successful users are doing to increase sales opportunities through our platform and on their own. We make it easy to use the PartnerOn platform for tips 1 and 2, the rest is up to you. Take charge of your social media presence by remembering to start conversations, include as many people, and engage with your audience once the conversation has started. It may take a bit of effort on your part, but we know the results will outweigh the effort.

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