Friday, July 12, 2024

The Changing Face of Distribution

In his recent blog post, “Are Distributors the Future of Distribution?”, Jay McBain recalls his 2018 prediction that IT distribution would face major changes. Citing 10 factors that are affecting the distribution industry, McBain gives us plenty of food for thought when thinking about how our business models need to evolve in order to thrive. The fourth factor, “Software Continues to Eat the World”, is a look at software-as-a-service and how the growth of ISVs creates the challenge of how to market to both the partners and direct sellers. ContentMX proudly sits within McBain’s channel software tech stack in the “Through Channel Marketing Automation” category, and has successfully enabled vendors to market both through the channel and to ISVs. This week’s ParternOn Journal blog post by Jeff Mesnik dives into McBain’s look at how marketplaces are also changing the distribution industry and the role PartnerOn plays in the changing industry.

Read McBain’s full blog post.

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